Going half-way across the world!

It’s been a long time! First of all, we are sorry that we didn’t post for a long time! We’ve been busy with school and because freshman is coming to an end, it’s been difficult!

So my partner and I (both travel souls) turned out to go different places at the same and travel new places! Sani got to go to Paris, France and I got to go to motherf**king AUSTRALIA!

Actually, we ended up going to different places for a same reason( to travel and to go to a close relative’s wedding). So, here below you’re gonna see my journey in Wollongong/ Sydney, Australia! ❤

My flight was Istanbul- Abu Dhabi- Sydney, so I got to see a desert and beautiful sunsets!

I was staying in Wollongong which is an amazing and very beautiful city with amazing people, beautiful beaches and it reminds me of my hometown a lot, but it’s only more beautiful!

Here are moments spent in WOLLONGONG, NSW:

Also, I got to see a blowhole, which was freakin’ amazing and cool! That was in Kiama, a small tourist town near Wollongong!

After the wedding of my cousin Nat, we finally went to Sydney:


Opera House was so much bigger in real life than I though it would be haha

I fell in love with Harbour Bridge

We went to Coogee Beach as well and there were some great waves:

Last but not least, the day before I had to got, I went again to Sydney with a train for the first time and went to VIVID festival, which if you don’t know what it is- it’s a festival in which every building in Sydney at night is with colorful lights, including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge!





Also I got to see a movie in IMax and the screen was HUGE, like for real HUGE!

That’s all! I really enjoyed Australia and I fell in love with it, saw everything I was dreaming ’bout from a young age! I can’t wait to visit this amazing place again, because if you go there someday, you’ll be amazed too! ONE LOVE, UNTIL NEXT TIME AUSTRALIA!



Check out my instagram to see amazing photos and videos from my journey!


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