Dubrovnik Love!

Wohooo, hello!


Long time no write! We’re finally back and ready to share our adventures and trips with the world! A lot of stuff has happened since the last time we posted or should I say- life happened! But that doesn’t matter because today I’m here to share my amazing Dubrovnik adventure!

Dubrovnik is a town located on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia in a region that’s called Dalmatia. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia and on the Balkan Peninsula because of its great history and unbelievable beauty!

I always wanted to go to Dubrovnik, always admired its beauty and old town and when I got the chance to go there I was the happiest girl in the world!


This was a school trip, so that means I was surrounded with friends and that means that it was a great time! I’m from Macedonia, so first we entered Albania, then Montenegro and then finally Croatia!


sunrise in Montenegro

Then we rode on a ferry  for a faster arrival in Croatia 🙂

After passing the Croatian border, we rode on some mountains, we passed a little area called Zupa Dubrovacka and then we rode by the sea and saw Dubrovnik for the first time!


Zupa Dubrovacka



When we arrived, we straight away got to our hotel- Hotel Petka, we rested a bit and when the sun set, we went out to visit the old town and Stradun!

Christmas decorations on Stradun street


stunning Stradun


Big Onofrio’s fountain

The next day we had a lot more free time and we visited a lot of gorgeous place that took our breaths away for a moment!


the view from our hotel room

We walked our way to the old town again, instead of taking the bus and we saw amazing things!


I fell in love with this amazing view


the entrance to the old town

And before I show you the highlights of Dubrovnik, here are some photos from a music high school “Luka Sorkocevic” that  we visited which was very pretty:

And here are the highlights of Dubrovnik:




 blue port of Dubrovnik

Porporela, Walls of Dubrovnik


sunset view from our hotel room

The next day, which was our last day, we wondered around Dubrovnik the whole morning and then unfortunately we left and that was sad…but I’m so happy that I had a chance to visit this amazing town! And I’m truly blessed and thankful for it! ❤

panoramas from this trip 🙂


That’s a wrap!

I hope you liked this little adventure and stay tuned for more upcoming travel diaries and adventures!

Check out my Instagrams for more photos and VIDEOS:



Until next time!

Mina ❤

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