Walk like an Egyptian!

“I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life, because after Africa, nothing has ever been the same…” – Suzanne Evans

Join me on the journey of my first time traveling to one of the most magical places in the whole wide world,  its highness- AFRICA.

I had the opportunity to go to Hurghada, Egypt and I can tell you one thing- this kind of trips make you realize how lucky you are and how your “problems” are nothing, compared to the poverty that the Egyptians live in. As you all know, Africa’s population is, in general, poor and the situation is very very bad, but if you have the opportunity to visit Africa and any country there, you’ll see the appreciation they have for everything- for life, for happiness, for love and for hard work.

Our departure was from Belgrade, so first we had to drive there and then fly from Belgrade to Hurghada*.

*the plane we took off at dawn, so when we were up in the sky, the sun was already rising, which was pretty cool.


airport situation 


above Belgrade


we were flying above the Mediterranean and I got the chance to see this amazing island, which I later on found out it was Greek.  I was starstruck by this…nature never ceases to amaze me.

…and next thing you know, we were landing in Egypt.


We were there for a week and we had the cutest room with a balcony that lead to our own backyard with a view of the mountains, where the sun sets every day. There was nothing more that two chairs and a little table- enough to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets.


the bar at the reception




our backyard by day



The day I will remember forever is the Thursday  we went scuba diving in the Red Sea and visited Paradise Island.


boat ride from Hurghada marine  


The first stop where we stopped to dive was near a huge coral reef, which was very deep and I must say, it looked a bit scary at first when I saw it from the boat and then, when the young Egyptians  said “Ajmo, stavite operaje”(balkan readers  would understand), we had a blast and were ready to jump in. I was a bit scared to jump in because we were so close to the big scary corals that looked like a sunken boat, but, in that moment, I remember saying to myself “dang it” and I jumped in, without looking back on my sister. Guess what I was feeling when I saw the corals from underwater? ZERO FEAR! Yes, all the doubt and fear disappeared and I was feeling free, diving in the depths of the sea, with no fear, but just a heart full of wanderlust. The corals were, I can say, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on Earth, something that nature had been creating for  billions of YEARS and to see it with my bare eyes, was truly a dream come true!


the “scary” coral reef



This is what life is made of!


Paradise Island was really like paradise! It was very calm and there was nothing, except a bar and some patrol officers, keeping the island safe. We anchored the boat far away from the shore and we went on the shore with an Egyptian “kajce” and I didn’t even bring my phone with me. It was just us and the calm island and I’m kinda glad I did’t bring my phone, because I know if I did, I would want to take a photo of everything, but I feel happier this way( having seashells and corals as souvenir from that extremely calm island).





In general, this trip for me was life-changing. I’ve met so many people, that I’ll forever remember and hope to meet again( my sister would know who I’m talking about). I’ve learned to be grateful and humble, to enjoy the simple things, not to take life so seriously and whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, not to panic, but to treat it like every other situation, with understanding and calmly, because, at the end of the day, there are people out there dealing with hell of a lot more than I am!


Also, when I was at the beach one day, watching the sunset, I found myself thinking about my friends back home and I realized I was a continent away and that was so surreal, even though I’ve been in that situation before. That taught me to live life in the moment, because usually beautiful things don’t last a long time, so enjoy while you’re in the moment and trust me, if you do it right, your soul will be in a wonderful state- those who’ve felt it, would understand.


That was my African experience and I hope you enjoyed the photos, stories and the lessons. Make sure to check out my Instagram for more of my work!




see ya soon,

Mina xxx








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